Dear Applicant: On this website you will find a copy of the Alabama Auction Law, the Rules and Regulations set forth by the ASBA, checklists to assist your completion of the application process, application for licensure and information forms. We encourage you to carefully read the Law and Rules and Regulations in order to familiarize yourself with them. Before you begin to fill out any of the forms we encourage you to make copies, as you may need duplicates of some pages, either now or in the future. By first reading the licensure requirements contained in the Law and Rules and Regulations and selecting the checklist for the license and/or designations you wish to apply for, you should be able to determine which forms you will need to complete and return.

The Alabama State Board of Auctioneers does not accept applications via email or fax. All applications must be mailed to the Board’s physical address.

The following is a list of ASBA checklists which you have to choose:

The checklists will direct you to the appropriate forms to complete.

The ASBA has been given the responsibility of protecting the public safety and welfare by providing regulation and control of auction business in the State of Alabama. That must be our number one concern. In addition, we are striving to meet the needs of the professionals who have been and who will continue to provide auction services to the public. Therefore, we have attempted to make the rules and regulations and the application process as user friendly as possible. However, as you progress through the application process and, in time, the renewal process, you may have specific recommendations for improvement. We welcome these suggestions and request that you either mail them to our office in Montgomery, or send them via E-mail: Also, further Board Information, calendar of events, licensed auctioneers and apprentice auctioneers, the law/rules and regulations, and application can be found on the web ( Good luck in all of your professional auctioneer endeavors now and in the future.
Thank you.


Keith E. Warren
Executive Director