Reciprocal Auctioneer Application Instructions and Checklist

General Statement: The ASBA desires to provide courteous and timely service to all applicants. To maximize its efficiency and the level of service, the Board will process complete applications only. Incomplete applications will be returned to you. Read all instructions carefully. The Board will not act as your agent in gathering information or supporting documents necessary for the consideration of your application. Make all checks payable to the Alabama State Board of Auctioneers and send to: 2777 Zelda Rd, Montgomery, AL 36106.

Please make a copy of all forms to be used before completing the application as you may need duplicates of some pages either now or in the future.

Checklists: Locate the checklist for the appropriate license/designation for which you are applying.

Application: Applications must be typewritten or printed in ink and must be legible. Complete the entire application. Leave no space blank. If a particular question or request for information does not apply to you, put a short line in the blank space or cross out the entire section to indicate the questions or section has received your attention. Failure to supply necessary information may result in denial of application.

Your full name, social security number, and date of birth are essential for identification purposes. Please supply this key information.

Application Process: Once your complete application has been received, your application will be reviewed by the Board at the next Board Meeting. You will then be notified of your status by letter.

Reciprocal Auctioneer Application Checklist

  1. ASBA 1 – Statement to the Board
  2. ASBA 2 – General Information
  3. ASBA 3 – Qualifying Questionnaire
  4. ASBA 4 – Affidavit of Endorsement
  5. ASBA 4 – Affidavit of Endorsement (two required)
  6. ASBA 7 - Consent to Service of Jurisdiction
  7. ASBA 8 – Bond & Power of Attorney (can be submitted after approval)
  8. Please click here for reciprocal fees by state
  9. Letter of Verification from Reciprocal State
  10. Proof of Residence in the form of: a copy of current driver's license, voter's registration card, or tax returns.
  11. Request for Conviction/Criminal History Record
  12. Proof of Citizenship

Note: The Alabama State Board of Auctioneers currently has reciprocal agreements with the following states:
  • Arkansas Auctioneers Licensing Board
  • Georgia Auctioneers Commission
  • Florida Board of Auctioneers
  • Illinois Office of Banks & Real Estate-Auction Division
  • Indiana Auctioneer Commission
  • Kentucky Board of Auctioneers
  • Mississippi Auctioneers Commission
  • North Carolina Board of Auctioneers
  • Pennsylvania Board of Auctioneers
  • South Carolina Board of Auctioneers
  • State of Ohio Department of Regulation
  • Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation
  • State of West Virginia Department of Agriculture
  • State of Louisiana Department of Regulation/Auctioneers
  • Tennessee Auctioneers Commission
  • Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation